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Tailgating with Portable Propane Heaters


February 7, 2023

Fall holds a special place in the hearts of many. It offers a welcome reprieve from the heat of summer, a stunning display from mother nature as the leaves change, and of course, the return of football season and tailgating. While you can always catch the game from the comfort of your home, there’s a certain magic in being at an actual game, especially if you partake in the time-honored tradition of tailgating. Diehard fans understand that there’s no better way to connect with fellow fans than by sharing in the pre-game camaraderie of a tailgate party.

However, as the temperature drops, there are a few ways to combat the chill of fall and winter. Don’t let the cold dampen your tailgating spirit – along with your trusty companion of a portable propane heater, we have a few other ideas on staying warm.

Don’t let the cold slow down your tailgating – here are the best ways to stay warm while you tailgate.


Dress Warmly

Hey, you’re going to be outside for several hours – dress for it! The best way to do that is to wear layers that you can add or remove as needed.

Start with a base layer that fits close to your skin. Long underwear is perfectly acceptable here.

Wear a synthetic blend that is designed to retain heat and wick away moisture vs. cotton that will get damp if you get sweaty. Remember that as sweat evaporates, it cools…and you’re trying to avoid being cold.

On top of that, you can layer up with fleece jackets or a thick hoodie personalized with your team’s logo. If you’re opting for a team jersey, make sure it’s nice and roomy so you can wear your hoodie underneath.

As for your feet, keep them warm by wearing warm socks and insulated boots with good tread. You’ll be less likely to slip on any ice that may be present, and you won’t need to complain about cold toes.

Grab some disposable hand warmers to slip into your boots or gloves as needed. These are easy to find at sporting goods stores. You can stash them away and activate them when you’re really feeling the cold.


Keep Moving

It’s common to want to hang out and talk as you tailgate, but all that standing around doesn’t do much for keeping you warm. Keep moving – even occasionally – to generate warmth.

Now you can always toss a football around with a buddy and work on perfecting your Aaron Rodgers impression, but you also need to be respectful of fellow tailgaters and their vehicles.

Maybe a better option is playing other tailgate games like cornhole. You’ll enjoy the thrill of the competition and hopefully get your mind off being cold.

Eat & Drink Warm Foods & Beverages

An ice-cold beer is a refreshing drink, but it might not be the right choice when you’re looking to stay warm while tailgating.

Instead, focus on drinking warm beverages like hot apple cider, hot chocolate, or hot coffee. These will help you feel warm from the inside out. Of course, you can always add a shot of hard liquor if you want.

In terms of food, think about bringing foods that you can make in advance and just keep warm in a crockpot, like soup or chili. Maybe have your buddies bring their best chili recipes for a little friendly competition.

Also keep in mind that your friends may want to keep their gloves or mittens on while tailgating, so try to pick foods that are easy to eat with utensils instead of opting for finger food.


Set Up Well

You’re probably going to be tailgating for several hours, so get comfortable! Bring what you need to keep your party warm as you all hang out.

Be sure to check the stadium’s parking lot regulations to see what you can bring. Most parking lots that are designed for tailgating allow extra space for you to set up comfortably.

Consider bringing a tent with walls to cut down on the wind. Chairs with covers allow you to sit comfortably without freezing your rear off on cold metal. And of course, extra fleece blankets are always welcome for snuggling under.

An outdoor portable heater is a great option for helping you stay warm while tailgating. The best portable outdoor heater doesn’t require any type of power source that you’ll need to plug in (kind of impossible while tailgating, right?).

Instead, opt for a portable propane heater. These are typically very lightweight, easy to move around, and simple to operate. You’ll also want to find one with multiple heat settings that you can adjust depending on the temperature.


Heat Hog Portable Propane Heater – Best Outdoor Portable Heater

The Heat Hog Portable Propane Heater is a great addition to your tailgating party. It will help you stay warm outside, even when the temperature drops, so you can tailgate all season long.


Runs on Propane – No Electricity Needed

This tailgating heater is indoor and outdoor safe. It runs on 1-lb. propane cylinders, so you can easily use it outside without having to plug it into an outlet.

Not to mention, propane cylinders are cheap and easy to buy and refill at gas stations, hardware stores, and home improvement stores. You shouldn’t have any trouble keeping your tailgating heater running so you can stay warm.

And when you’re not using this portable propane heater for tailgating, it will still be helpful to have around to use when camping, hunting, or ice fishing. It could even be nice to have on hand for use in a power outage.


Easy to Transport and Store

When you’re tailgating, you and your guests may not be hanging out in one spot. If there’s a new space you want to warm up, just pick up this outdoor portable heater and move it elsewhere.

The Heat Hog portable propane heater has a heavy-duty handle and lightweight body that make it easy to transport, both on your way to your tailgating party and once you’re there.

This tailgating heater also doesn’t take up a lot of space, which works well if your assigned area isn’t very big. It also means you can easily pack it away in your closet, garage, or shed when it’s not in use.


Adjustable Temperature

Don’t worry about this outdoor portable heater getting too hot for your liking – it doesn’t just turn on or off. Use the adjustable heat settings dial to keep the temperature at what makes you and your guests the most comfortable.

Since football season lasts for several months as the weather cools, this portable propane heater is a great option for tailgating parties in the early fall as well as closer to playoff time in the late fall and early winter months.


Adjustable Heat Angle

This portable propane heater has an adjustable heat angle with tilting features that lets you direct the heat to where you need it most at the time.

Tilt this outdoor propane heater toward your feet as you’re sitting down and adjust the angle upward while you’re dishing up food or playing a game of cornhole – or vice versa. Move it whichever way you need.

The Heat Hot portable propane heater has a curved plaque technology that provides a greater heating area, allowing you to quickly warm your space and keep it at a comfortable temperature for you and your guests.

Choose from two different sizes (9,000 BTU or 18,000 BTU) of this tailgating heater, depending on the heat output you need for the space and size of party you have.


Safety Features

As you’re using this tailgating heater outside, you can breathe easy knowing that there are some safety features built-in to the Heat Hog to keep you protected:

The Safety Tip-Over Switch automatically shuts off this portable propane heater in case it gets knocked over.

The Rugged Safety Guard keeps unwanted objects from coming inside the outdoor portable heater while still letting the air circulate freely.

And the Low Oxygen Safety Shut-Off automatically shuts it off if there’s low oxygen in the space where this tailgating heater is set up.

This last feature is most important if you’re planning to use this portable propane heater inside a tent with walls during your party, or if you plan to use it inside your garage or hunting blind at another time.


Propane Fuel Warming Dock

The best way to get the most BTUs out of your propane cylinders is to keep them warm. That’s why there’s a built-in warming dock to keep your fuel warm as your tailgating heater is running.

The warming dock on this outdoor propane heater helps you use the propane more efficiently.

This means you won’t have to make as many trips to the store for refills, and you’ll have a little less gear to bring with you as you set up for tailgating.

Not to mention, it’s responsible to save energy and effort as much as you can.



Tailgating is a fun experience that avid fans look forward to all year. Sometimes you may have even more fun tailgating before the game than you do while inside the stadium!

But you won’t have much fun at all if you’re not able to stay warm. Use these tips to keep the party going, even in the winter. Your friends and family will appreciate the effort you put into helping them keep warm in the parking lot.

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