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Ensuring Safety and Comfort with Heat Hog

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October 27, 2023

When it comes to portable propane heaters, safety should always be a top priority, especially when using them in spaces like barns, garages, and workshops. Indoor-safe heaters, like the ones offered by Heat Hog, are thoughtfully designed to provide warmth without compromising user safety. These heaters go the extra mile by incorporating advanced safety features that prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide (CO), a potentially life-threatening gas, in confined areas. When using Heat Hog in indoor spaces, make sure to provide adequate ventilation air. This means allowing airflow through an open window or vent to allow the circulation of the gas. 


Key Safety Features: 

Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS): Heat Hog indoor-safe heaters are equipped with an ODS, a crucial safety mechanism that continuously monitors the oxygen levels in the surrounding air. If the oxygen level drops below a specific threshold, the heater automatically shuts off. This proactive measure effectively prevents the release of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, ensuring the safety of everyone in the space. 


Tip-Over Protection: Accidents can happen, but with Heat Hog indoor-safe heaters, you have an added layer of protection. These heaters are equipped with a tip-over switch that triggers an automatic shutdown if the unit is accidentally knocked over. This feature significantly minimizes the risk of fire and potential hazards. 


Robust Safety Guard: Heat Hog includes a heavy-duty safety guard that prevents direct contact with the heating plaque. This helps reduce the risk of burns and accidental touching. Stay aware when running the heater that the guard will still get hot from the heating plaque and avoid touching the guard. 


When considering a portable propane heater for indoor use, Heat Hog’s indoor-safe heaters stand out as a reliable and safe choice. With features like Oxygen Depletion Sensors and tip-over protection Heat Hog ensures that your comfort is coupled with utmost safety. So, whether you’re in need of emergency heat indoors, cozy up your garage, or add warmth to your workshop, Heat Hog’s indoor-safe propane heaters are a smart heating solution. 


Note: In Massachusetts and Canada, unvented heaters are prohibited from use indoors according to law. 

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