Keep Comfort Compact

The Heat Hog heater
keeps comfort handy for any outing.

Command the Cold

Hotter and wider-ranging. No layers are
required with Heat Hog.

Portable Perfection

Small and portable, the Heat Hog is ideal
for hunting, camping and fishing.

The Portable Propane Heater,
To Stay Warm and Comfortable

Go Hog Wild with the new portable propane heater from Heat Hog. This portable heater runs on 1lb. propane tanks and is lightweight and convenient. Ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, construction sites and more.

Portable Propane Heater
4,000 BTU


Portable Propane Heater
9,000 BTU


Portable Propane Heater
18,000 BTU


Features For The Wild

The Tilt

Adjustable Heat Angle

Get the heat where you need it most. Heat Hog’s tiltable design let’s you control where the radiant heat goes no matter where it might be sitting. Now you can heat more than just your feet.

The Curve

Curved Plaque Technology

Get more heat with our curved plaque. It provides a 33° wider heating area than a standard portable propane heater. That means more of your herd stays warm and comfy.

The Dock

Tank Heating Dock

Get more out of your fuel with fewer tanks. The colder an LP tank gets, the less the amount of fuel will burn. Heat Hog’s Dock keeps your extra cylinder warm, so you use more of the LP,  fewer cylinders, more heat!

Your Adventures

Don’t let a little cold stop you. Read how to stay warm in any outdoor activity, whether you’re a wilderness explorer or a weekend warrior. The Heat Hog portable propane heater is built for every adventure you throw its way.

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