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How to Stay Warm During Hunting Season - Heat Hog

How to Stay Warm During Hunting Season


February 7, 2023

If you’re an avid hunter, you already know that cooler weather can be the best time to go out hunting, as the animals get more active in their preparations for winter. But while the animals may be made for cooler weather, you as a human certainly aren’t. It’s important to figure out how to stay warm during hunting season so that you can be out for as long as you need to get that trophy.

Even if you’re not made to live outside, you can keep your body temperature up while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. Here are the best ways to safely keep warm this hunting season.


1. Use Heat Packs

The first parts of your body that will get cold when you’re out hunting are your extremities, namely your fingers and toes. But if you’re hunting, you’ll need to have warm, limber fingers to accurately aim and shoot.

Heat packs are an inexpensive and easy way to keep your hands and feet warm when you’re out hunting.

Stock up on a multipack of air-activated heat packs so you have them ready to drop into your mittens and boots or stash them in your jacket or coat pockets for quick warmth.

If you’re opting to skip gloves altogether, an insulated hand muff with warmers inside is a great way to keep your hands nice and toasty.

Keep in mind that it can take a while for air-activated packs to fully warm, so you may want to start a few of them while you’re on the hike out to your blind or tree stand.

Rechargeable hand warmers are another option instead of heat packs, but you’ll just need to remember to keep them charged in between hunting trips.


2. Wear Layers

Layers of clothing are key to staying warm while you’re out hunting. But don’t just pile on the clothing – take some time to think about what, exactly, you’ll need to put on to stay warm.

You’ll want to start with a good tight base layer close to your skin, then add a mid-layer that retains body heat. On top, opt for wind-blocking garments, especially if you’ll be out in the elements and not tucked inside a blind.

It’s important to keep your core and midsection warm, so many hunters opt for a set of insulated hunting bibs so that there’s no edge between a shirt and pants for air to get inside.

Bowhunters who need to keep their arms uninhibited also may benefit from a vest that keeps the core warm while still letting you move freely.

Moisture is the enemy of heat, so be sure to wear layers with moisture-wicking fabrics – not cotton – to stay dry. Skip the outer layers on your hike to your spot so that you don’t get sweaty, then add them as needed once you’re there.

Take a minute once you’re at your stand or blind to cool off before you finish getting dressed so that the sweat and moisture don’t get trapped in your layers.

And of course, don’t forget about your feet! Heavy merino wool or wool blend socks are a great option for keeping your feet warm inside your insulated boots. Consider bringing fresh, dry socks to change into when you reach your blind.


3. Drink Warm Beverages

Pick your favorite hot beverage and keep it warm in an insulated vacuum flask. Cider, cocoa, coffee, and tea are all great options to help take the edge off the chill. You can also choose broth or soup to help keep you warm.

Of course, you’ll want to be conscious of your movement if you’re in a spot that’s visible to the animals you’re hunting.

4. Eat Snacks

Your body’s metabolism works to burn calories to help you stay warm, so be sure to fuel up well before you head out hunting.

The best option for keeping your metabolism going and your inner furnace heating is a high-calorie meal with complex carbohydrates, good fats, and healthy proteins.

Don’t forget to keep fueling up with snacks! Just skip the high-sugar, simple carbohydrates that will have your energy levels going all haywire.


5. Stay Limber

If you’re able, stretch and flex periodically while you’re sitting in your blind or stand. You’ll generate some body heat as you move your muscles and keep your muscles loose for the hike back to your truck at the end of the day.

In an exposed spot? Focus on small movements – one muscle group at a time – to keep your position hidden.


6. Insulate Your Stand

Sitting in a tree stand all day can get awfully cold, but there are some simple ways to insulate your stand to make it just a little warmer.

Many tree stands have wire mesh floors, which makes sense. This keeps rain and snow from collecting on the floor. However, this also means that the wind flows more freely through the floor.

To keep this from happening, bring a piece of outdoor carpet or even a piece of cardboard up into the stand with you and put it at your feet. It’s a simple fix that can make a big difference.

Another quick fix: sit on a foam pad for insulation and a little bit of comfort between you and the seat of the stand.

Many hunters also find ways to cover their feet with boot blankets or even an extra pair of pants to keep their feet warm while up in a stand.


The Best Option to Stay Warm During Hunting Season: A Hunting Heater

Cold weather gear is all well and good, but it only keeps you warm for a limited amount of time. The best way to stay warm during hunting season is to bring along a hunter space heater.

Of course, you’ll only be able to use a hunting heater if you’re in a ground blind or an enclosed elevated blind, but if that’s your style of hunting, you’re all set!

Using a hunter heater is an easy and hassle-free way to stay warm. You won’t have to worry about sweating through your layers (and thus getting cold as the sweat cools), and you won’t have to keep putting on and taking off layers.

You also won’t need to wear gloves or extra layers that may get in the way of your shot, especially if you’re bowhunting. Fill your tag while staying warm and safe by using a hunter space heater.


Heat Hog Portable Propane Heater – Best Hunter Heater

The Heat Hog Portable Propane Heater is a great option for bringing the heat with you this hunting season. It will help you safely keep warm while still enjoying the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt.


Runs on Propane – No Electricity Needed

This hunting heater is safe and easy to use both indoors and outdoors. It produces heat by running on 1-lb. propane cylinders. Propane burns quietly and cleanly to produce heat.

And you probably already know this, but it’s super easy to purchase and refill propane cylinders for your hunter heater at most gas stations, hardware stores, home improvement stores, and sporting goods stores.


Easy to Transport and Store

This hunter space heater has a heavy-duty handle which makes it easy to pull up with a rope into your elevated blind.

It’s also a lightweight and compact hunter space heater, so you won’t be breaking your back trying to haul it along with all your other gear as you head out to your blind or back to your truck.

And since this hunting heater can be used indoors or outdoors anywhere you need, it will be helpful to have around for use in a power outage or when camping, ice fishing, tailgating, or just relaxing outside during the cooler months.


Safety Features

It’s important to take safety precautions when you set up a hunter heater in your blind. You want to be sure nothing starts on fire (of course), and you want to be sure there’s plenty of air circulation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Thankfully, this hunting space heater already has some built-in precautions.

  • Safety Tip-Over Switch automatically shuts this hunting heater off in case it gets knocked off
  • Rugged Safety Guard keeps unwanted objects from coming into the heater
  • Low Oxygen Safety Shut Off gives you peace of mind and lets you breathe easily


Adjustable Heat Angle

This hunting heater doesn’t just heat your feet – the rest of your body needs warmth, too, of course! The hunting blind heater has a 30° adjustable heat angle with tilting feature.

So, you’ll be able to tilt the hunter heater and direct the heat to where you need it most.

And unlike other heaters that only heat in one direction, the Heat Hog Portable Propane Heater has a curved plaque technology that gives a wider range of heat dispersal.

The Heat Hog hunter space heater comes in two different sizes, both of which are sufficient for efficiently heating your hunting blind.


Adjustable Temperature

And the Heat Hog hunting heater doesn’t just turn on or off – its heat settings dial allows you to adjust the temperature to what makes you the most comfortable.

If the temperature is a little cooler outside, you may need to dial up the heat inside. And if it’s warming up outside, you’ll probably be OK to turn the dial down on your hunter heater and save a little propane for later.


Propane Fuel Warming Dock

If you’ve ever used a propane heater, you know that the colder the cylinder is, the less fuel you’ll get out of it. And who wants that?

This deer blind heater has a warming dock that keeps your propane cylinders warm while it runs. This helps you get the most BTUs out of each tank.

And since the warming dock of this hunter space heater holds two propane cylinders, you’ll be able to hook up the next one when the first one runs out.

It’s fun to look forward to hunting season each year, but it’s not an enjoyable experience if you quickly get cold. If your setup allows it, bring along a hunter space heater to heat your space safely and easily as you notch your tag.

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