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8 Awesome Outdoors Father’s Day Gift Ideas - Heat Hog

8 Awesome Outdoors Father’s Day Gift Ideas and 1 Average One

Ice Fishing, News & Press

February 7, 2023
Article Credit: Archery Wire

I love lists. PR people love lists, so that’s probably where my love of list-loving began. They are simple to accomplish, and the title of your list is everrrything (because, click-bait). Here’s the eight awesome Father’s Day gift ideas, and then scroll down for the average gift idea.

For the hard water guy: So, you are sitting in your ice shanty with your little heater, and your feet are toasty, but everything from your knees up is still freezing? Heat Hog solved that dilemma with their new portable heater product that TILTS and has a curved front for better dispersing of heat. Or get the 18,000 BTU version and stick your husband/dad/granddad in the garage during the winter to work on “stuff.” He’ll be fine. Retails for $139.99 for 9,000 BTU unit and $169.99 for 18,000 BTU unit.

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