“My Little Buddy heater gave up the ghost on a three mile trip over rough ice. I’ve used it for about sixteen years and have been happy with it. I sent a friend to the store and he bought me the 9,000 BTU Heat Hog and brought it out to me. I love it. The tilt really makes a difference in directing the heat up. It didn’t melt the ice as much as the Little Buddy heater did. The folding handle and compact size made storage better too. The best part about it is the 1 LB LP tank is off of the ground/ice and is kept warm so that you can use all of the propane in the tank. It’s easy to hook up a hose to run it off of a standalone LP tank. I like that the inside is accessible through the back compartment door so if any components need to be changed it is easy to do. Even on the low setting it was putting out enough heat that I never got cold in my insulated ice shanty. As an owner of three buddy heaters, this is my new favorite heater. My friend who purchased and delivered it to me, purchased one up on his return home.”

Scott Cross – Amazon.com

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